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Personalized Boat Fender Covers

IBG takes pride in offering our world class custom boat fender and bumper covers. Each cover is hand crafted using the finest available 300 series genuine Polartec polar fleece material. IBG fenderand bumper cover polar fleece is a 100% synthetic material engineered for maximum durability and protection of your getcoat, awlgrip and vinyl striping.

All fender covers are extremely soft to the touch and are customly sized to conform to your specific fender and bumper dimensions. All fender and bumper covers are hydrophobic, retaining less than 1% of their weight in water.

For the detailed yachter, exhibiting your Marine Identity on a custom fender or bumper cover is the ultimate "finishing touch".

Available Colours

NOTE: Although UV inhibited, darker colours are more subject to sun fade. Individual UV exposure varies so it is not possible to estimate exact life cycle.  

Size & Pricing

Note: Embroidery is NOT included in the below pricing. The typical cost for embroidered fender covers is $14.00-$24.00/logo with a digitized logo file(.dst) supplied. If, Logo Digitizing is required it is offered through our Embroidery Boutique for $65-$85 depending on complexity.  

Taylor "Hull Gard"
& Super Gard
Polyform G Series

Taylor "Tuff End" &
Polyform A
Series Round Fenders

F Series
Double Eye

4.5" x 16" -

$38.50 9"  diameter-
9" x 30" F-3 -


5.5" x 20" -

$48.50 12" diameter-
$58.00 9" x 41" F-4 -

6.5" x 23" -

$49.50 15" diameter- $68.50 12" x 30" F-5 -


8.5" x 27" -


18" diameter -

12" x 43" F-6 -


10.5" x 30" - 

$74.50 21" diameter - $78.50
15" x 41" F-7 -


27" diameter -
18.5" x 50" F-10 -


  34" diameter -

32" x 77" F-13 -

Taylor "Big B" Fenders Polyform HTM Series
Taylor "Tuff End" Double Eye

6" x 15" -
$38.00 8" x 27" -
14" x 35"#80 -
 8" x 20" -
$54.50 12" x 35" -
$54.50 Taylor Freedom
 10" x 26" -
$68.50 15" x 41" -
12" x 34" -
$74.50     12" x 32" - $58.50

Inflatable Fender Covers

Inflatable covers are available with standard prices. All IBG fender covers are manufactured with the same material and quality craftsmanship.

16"x24" - $38.00 + embroidery
14"x36" - $48.00 + embroidery
16"x48" - $66.00 + embroidery
16"x60" - $74.00 + embroidery

Add $10.00/cover for "Fitted Tops"

Custom Fender Covers

IBG will be more than happy to work with you in creating your unique and custom fender covers. Such options as *NEW* TWO-TONE FENDER COVERS or multiple material type and shape combinations are available. For those who enjoy things that are "over-the-top" classy, unique and truly custom please briefly review our Fitting Guide and contact us to get started. NOTE: Please calculate a 25% premium to all above pricing for TWO-TONE styles.

Fitting Guide

It is particularly important to note the below for optimal performance:
  • It is very important to not over-inflate as it will reduce the effectiveness of the product, causing premature failure and will subsequently lower the level of protection of your vessel.
  • To ensure the perfect fit of your new IBG fender covers, we recommend that you slightly deflate your fender prior to fitting the cover over the fender.
  • Once the fender cover has been fitted on the fender you can then re-inflate the fender.
  • When re-inflating your fender set the air pressure to the manufacturer's specifications.
  • If the air pressure inflation information is not readily available to you, we would recommend inflating to a maximum of 2 PSI.
  • For an over-inflated visual reference, the sides will bow out and the ends will become rounded.
  • When ordering your fender covers pay close attention to your fender's detail. Proper brand type and style identification will provide accurate measurements ensuring ideal cover fitting.
The above information is to be used as a general guide. Common sense and understanding your boat, and docking conditions must also be considered. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure proper steps are taken. due to the fact that so many variables ned to be factored in to th equation, IBG cannot be held responsible for improper fitting measurements supplied by customers.

Such fender brands as Polyform fenders, Scanmarin fenders & Defender have comparable sizes to Taylor. When ordering for a brand other than Taylor please provide length, diameter and circumference of your fender. You may also supply us with the manufacturer's name and style for cross-reference pattern and measurements on our end.

We also have many other patterns for Megafend, AERE, Fend-Air, Prostar for larger yacht fenders and bumpers.

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Please contact us for ordering and/or further details.

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