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Custom Yacht Signs

IBG offers world-class manufacturing innovation, precision and quality with our Custom Yacht Sign Service. When vinyl just isn't going to cut it and high-end style demands...IBG responds with the ultimate option in Marine Identity showcasing.

Utilizing state-of-the-art technologies including laser, water-jet and CNC cutting machinery, IBG's proprietary assembly and mounting systems allow for truly iconic show pieces.

Whether you are looking for commercial ship lettering or a private yacht name; IBG's innovative Marine Identity solutions, offered through our Custom Yacht Signs division, are second to none!   

How is works:

Through a no commitment consultation our experts assist potential customers in visualizing their desired yacht lettering, LED illuminated yacht sign and/or Marine Identity Design. With this process, the vision and project scope is defined.

During the initial "intake phase" our experts not only provide great insight while proposing a variety of materials and finishing options, but, will as well capture the necessary details to formulate a cost estimate and/or production order.

Through design concepts and visual material representations, a very custom and unique Marine Identity begins to take shape. Upon production order approval a 25% deposit is required. Production is completed and the package is ready for install or delivery. If it is required that IBG facilitates the installation, an install date/time will be arranged convenient to the customer.

Product Details


  • Dimensions - Most shapes, letters and/or art elements can be accommodated in any size however, typical sizes are between 4 inches and 16 inches in height and a minimum or 0.25 inches in width. Thickness or depth is determined by the final material(s) used to finish product. 
  • Materials - IBG offers Opal Plexiglas, carbon fiber, stainless steel and aluminum. Stainless steel letters are low carbon 316L highly publishable mirror finish grade. Clear or coloured Plexiglas, as well as metal or composite material(s) come in a variety of thicknesses and can as well be combined together to achieve greater thickness, dimension and/or provided highlight/shading effects.        
  • Finishing - For the highest standard in yacht sign elegance we are pleased to offer finishing options that truly set IBG Yacht Signs in a class of their own. We offer, digital vinyl accent(s), mirror finish polishing, anodized metal colour variations and a variety of cabon fiber colours. Illumination is offered in LED single or multi-coloured and can accommodate 12v or 24v systems. All lighting can be regulated via dimmer or even controlled remotely to change or rotate multiple colours.
  • Mounting - All kits include installation instructions, layout and drill hole templates (if applicable) as well as all hardware for owner or contractor installation. Of course, we offer installation throughout our international service network. 

Our Commitment

IBG understands that their is a significant amount of details to render for both parties during the Yacht Sign ordering process. IBG appreciates your interest greatly and is committed to making this experience as "easy-breezy" as possible and guarantees a truly Marine Identity.  

Getting Started

Get started now with your no commitment consultation. We encourage you to click this link and provide us with some basic information about your requirements. For general inquires or to speak with a representative contact us.

"My representative Lisa was extremely helpful and professional. Her and the IBG team's attention to detail and creative experience has really helped us to create our own unique Marine Identity.

Thanks for a great job guys. - Larry Wright   A.K.A. Knot Dreamz
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